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Antelope Audio Pure2 AD/DA converter and master clock     (top unit in pic below)

So what's all this about AD/DA conversion?

In January 2023 I bought this very high quality converter to translate the analogue mixbus of the console to it's final digital stereo file (the 'product') with the maximum possible fidelity. That's the A/D (analogue to digital) part of it. 

The mix of a song passes through many pieces of analogue hardware, imparting the sound I want, which then needed to be stored digitally without any loss of the analogue 'mojo'. 

In addition, the D/A part of it allows hearing digital music with the same pristine quality.


Finally, the master clock part of it denotes that the Pure2 controls the clock accuracy of all the digital gear in the studio. This relates to the accuracy (sample rate) with which digital gear handles analogue sound.

Installing to the Pure2 has enhanced the detail and stereo imagery of songs. Here is a review of it in case interested!

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