Why I do it!

...because I have a passion for music,

 performing and audio engineering

...It is highly rewarding bringing projects to a conclusion that makes the musicians happy

...playing bass / bv's in Rock bands, and singing in a vocal duo grounds me in musician's needs

What do I do?

Multitrack Bands at desired location

Record Singer-Songwriters in studio

Create mix back in my studio

Liaise with musicians to ensure their vision is satisfied

Produce final result in any and all digital formats including Red Book Authoring

My musical career started age 8 with 5 years at Winchester Cathedral, a solid grounding in singing and classical music which is highly advantageous for my Rock/Pop/Metal and Engineering work now. 


I have been playing in Rock / Pop / Metal bands for 10 years, and a ballad Vocal Duo. This ongoing involvement in performing helps greatly in my audio engineering work.

My passion is learning and applying audio engineering skills. Over the last decade have extensively studied this from a combination of tuition from top-class audio engineers, multiple textbooks, and especially recording and mixing itself - the best way to acquire the critical skill set. Psychoacoustics is a special area of interest on which I have lectured.

I am proud of the combination of performance and engineering experience I have, and clients will know that I can see it clearly from their angle.

Barnaby  |  07710 275362
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