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Tegeler Audio Manufaktur: Creme RC 

This rather wonderful outboard gear  illustrates a direction I think high-end audio gear will go in the next few years.

This has to do with recall of the settings of gear with multiple knobs. If a previous mix done in the studio needs to be revised months or years later, it is tricky and time-consuming in professional studios with significant amount of analogue equipment. 

At the end of every mix I do, I photograph very knob/slider of all the gear used in that mix - in addition to keeping notes. Of course, all the settings of the DAW are saved in software. Re-creating all this physical detail is not fun, and thankfully seldom called for.

The Tegeler Creme RC has motorised knobs, and a software plugin within the DAW project can control their physical position (via ethernet Cat5 connection). See the vid at left! Amazing.

The Creme RC comprises an EQ and also a compressor for polishing/mastering the mix. I suspect it will be permanently wired into my system (at a point called the mix bus) from now on. 

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