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The studio is centred on a Toft Audio Designs 32 channel analogue console, the ATB32   (see under 'NEWS')

This lovely console is a derivative of the famous Trident Consoles that are still in production. Malcolm Toft was a key designer of Trident Series 80B stemming from the 1970's. The studio's ATB32 shares many features with its ancestral 80B, in particular its sound, and the EQ section which is identical to the 80B. 

Hybrid Studios! So, what's that?! 

At one end of the spectrum of studio design is an all-analogue set-up which is the classic appearance seen in virtually all high-end commercial studios, starting in the 60's.

At the other (more contemporary) end of the spectrum the studio is all digital, with all operations conducted within the computer. I would hate that!

A hybrid set up, as in this studio, combines the two. This yields the convenience and benefits of the digital computer domain with the musicality, convenience and analogue 'warmth' (and in my case satisfaction) of the analogue world. In addition the hybrid studio, as here, will have various analogue outboard gear which are physical bits of kit in racks. These complement the software plugins of the computer. Best of both worlds!

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