Currently (2021) doing a lot of work with the rather excellent originals band Simpleton Tunesmith.

This track is called Street Light

StreetLight MIX3 28:01:2021_MasterOAMS.mArtist Name
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Bruce Dudley

This original song by Bruce Dudley features  the renowned tabla player Aref Durvesh and is a great fusion of the two styles. Recorded/mixed in my studio in March 2020. Have a listen! 

Curled UpBruce Dudley
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Aref Durvesh

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M_Stephenson WinchSessions.jpg

Martin Stephenson has made available the 9-song album I recorded for him in late 2017 via his Bandcamp site. 

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Lisa Margetts is an accomplished singer, bassoonist and piano player. This is one of her originals recorded July 2018.

Paperhouse - Lisa Margetts
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Katy Hamer is a singer-songwriter and this track of hers was recorded in studio. 

Help Me - Katy Hamer
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