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Vinyl Band are an originals 4-piece Indie band that I have very recently recorded and mixed in my studio. The second song 'BLAME' we worked on was released yesterday 01/Oct/2023 and I think it's a great song! What do you think? 

The Spotify link to 'Blame' is HERE

Iris Roffey is an up and coming young singer/songwriter whom I recorded and mixed May 2021 and her outstanding vocals are well showcased on this original track of her's called "Never Got A Chance".

Never Got A Chance - Iris Roffey
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Blacksmith Band.png

Rick Monaghan of the band Blacksmith ask me to record his violin and remix this medley (originally by Fairwater Convention), and you can listen to it here as it is lively well-played stuff! It's called 'Lark Medley'. 

Lark Medley - Cover by Blacksmith
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Bruce Dudley

This original song by Bruce Dudley features  the renowned tabla player Aref Durvesh and is a great fusion of the two styles. Recorded/mixed in my studio in March 2020. Have a listen! 

Curled UpBruce Dudley
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Aref Durvesh

Aref Durvesh.jpg

In 2021 did a lot of work with the rather excellent originals band Simpleton Tunesmith.

This track is called Street Light

StreetLightSimpleton Tunesmith
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