As a Guide....
Studio recording sessions are £30 per hour. 
Mix work is around £80 per song.

Every job is different so feel free to contact and discuss rates!
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For new clients:

Mix of first (1) song 50% off

(if recorded at this studio)

For students:

20% off first 4 hours of recording session

+ mix of first (1) song 50% off


& Red Book CD Authoring. Streaming.

I offer a restoration service on old hissy or scratchy recordings, those afflicted with coughs and other annoying noises etc. I can digitise from cassette tapes, and from mono reel-to-reel tapes. If desired the restoration project can then be re-mixed and rendered into the best possible stereo production. Prices agreed with discussion.

Red Book CD authoring using professional software incorporating relevant metadata, as expected by professional replication houses.  

iTunes and other Streaming Services authoring. 

Prices agreed with discussion.