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New Studio build delayed by covid-19 so what better to do than build a Primitive Root Diffuser! 

While disappointing, this delay is hardly important in the grand scheme of things. 

The start date for the build was a month ago (i.e. early March 2020), and is currently on indefinite hold. 

This gave me a chance to build a new shed to take the stuff that needs to be vacated, and more interestingly to start building some acoustic treatment. 

I started with a primitive root diffuser, pictured here. 

Diffuser finished.jpg

The diffuser measures 1.44 x 0.65 metres, and weighs 45kg. So make sure your wall can support the weight!

For this diffuser I needed a total length of 50 metres of 44x44mm planed wood total cost £116.

You need a calculator. I used this site. You decide the parameters and the calculator specifies the rest. My diffuser has 495 pieces from 1,2,3 ...20 cms in height, producing corresponding wells of those heights. It is a lot of work. 

My diffuser as constructed should diffuse frequencies in the range 850 to 3900 Hz. Note that you can't diffuse very low frequencies, unless you can accommodate well heights up to 2 metres or so! So as ever you need bass absorption techniques for the low end. 

There is now the problem of deciding how to finish the diffuser. Painted, varnished or whatever. We'll see!

Commercially available diffusers will be far more expensive, for example an equal-size of gik-acoustics quadratic diffuser would be around £780. 

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