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New Studio Build - started June 8th 2020. Now fully opened 19th October

The new studio is fully operational as can be seen here.

The fundamental requirement of soundproofing was to a design by Sustainable Acoustics of Winchester, my thanks to Chris Heal! Architecture was by Michael Madgewick of MEM Property Services, thanks again!

Building work was by EcoBright who were excellent throughout in adhering to detail quite unlike that required in domestic buildings. Thanks to their whole team especially Steve and Matt.

Achieving a soundproof space is not easy, especially for low (bass) frequencies. It requires mass/space/mass, and not only that the two walls (mass) must be airtight, and must not touch each other. The space between the two walls has sound absorbing rock wool as well. 

The studio floor 'floats' on rubber, and does not touch the inner walls which also are built on rubber. The structure is massively heavy - for example the inner walls and ceiling consist of 3 layers of extra dense plasterboard and thus have to be supported on an extra strong steel and wood construction. 

The window comprises 3 panes of extra thick glass, well spaced and each pane is a different thickness. 

The entrance door consists of a massive steel outer door and a heavy wooden inner door, both seal airtight when closed.


The floor is very solid and won't creak with musicians jumping up and down.


The whole structure being airtight makes air-conditioning essential -  but this has to be very quiet. Near-silent duct fans suck outside air in, through filtering and silencers onto redundant lengths of sound absorbing ducting before supplying the studio space at floor level. Air exits at ceiling level, again through sound absorbing ducting.  

For those interested, I recommend Recording Studio Design, 4th Edition, by Philip Newell. 

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