New Studio Build - started June 8th 2020. Builders making very good progress!

My new studio should be finished by the end of August 2020 and will provide an enhanced environment for musicians. With a 7 by 5.5 metre floor dimension and a 2.8 metre ceiling height, and bespoke internal acoustic treatment the space will be a pleasure to play or sing in. 

The design is by a firm of acoustic engineers, with a room-within-a-room design, filtered ventilation, and client loo. 

I have opted for an open-plan arrangement which maximises the acoustic advantages in a space of this size, rather than separate Recording and Control rooms. This also brings me closer to the musicians, improves communication, and is the set up that has served me well over the last many years in my current studio. 

I will post more details as the work proceeds, and look forward to recording and mixing your project in the future!

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