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Student Internship 2017-18

It has been a pleasure to provide a third-year Internship opportunity for a student studying music at the University of Winchester for the current academic year. 

The student has been introduced to the recording and mixing studio environment, its processes and its equipment in a highly practical manner. Sessions have included recording bands including an urban rap band, solo artists including a harpist, and on location school-play performances.

In addition the student who is an accomplished singer has recorded several songs which is useful for both the direct experience and for her portfolio. As of July 2018 I was delighted to hear she achieved a First Class Honours in her degree course.

She has kindly written the following review:

I was lucky enough to be offered an internship at Open Access Music Studio back in September and am still currently working with the owner, Barnaby Thwaites, now. While recording in a studio environment was something I initally wanted to check off of my list, I also came with the intention of learning more about how a studio works, mixing and microphone technique. Barnaby has a vast amount of modern recording equipment as well as an array of superb mircophones which I have certainly taken pleasure out of by getting a first hand experience with. I can hand on heart say that Barnaby puts 110% into everything he does and makes every experience an enjoyable, valuable and educational one. I have witnessed his incredible patience with not only the clients who come in and record but also for myself as he was kind enough to give me my first oppertunity of recording in a professional environment as a singer. He is a firm believer in putting the artist first and makes one feel completely at ease.

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