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April 27th 2018 - a huge day for Open Access Music Studio....

My new Toft Audio ATB32 mixing console has arrived and I am installing it over these next few days. 

Malcolm Toft was the designer (from the 1970's) of the famous Trident mixing console. After he sold his interest in that, he designed and manufactured his ATB range of consoles that are based on the well-known Trident 80B console. 

My console is the largest in the Toft ATB series, 32 channels and able to accommodate 88 mix inputs.

The real issue for me is the quality of the audio and the range of routing options it offers. 

It is beautiful to behold, very well made and a joy to use. While the musical performance and the skills of the audio engineer remain the key ingredients, gear such as this allows me to produce musicians' visions to ever higher levels!

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