Martin Stephenson

Martin is an established professional and it was a pleasure to record and then mix 9 songs of his October - December 2017. Although his principal band is Martin Stephenson and the Daintees, on this occasion he recorded with his bandmates Jimmy Cole on guitar/banjo and Jim Morrison on violin. Martin kindly provided a lengthy testimonial reproduced verbatim below!

On behalf of Dr Barna B! From a spontaneous google preceding my trip to WInchester Where I'd be tallying up with old shipmates Cole & Morrison And pondering our day off and what to do, I come upon 'Open Access Music Studio' Something just felt right in contacting Dr Barnaby, and he replied immediately and all was in the diary To the morning of recording..... Excitement, invited to his home, and a nice pot of coffee and biccies We sprawled though 3 rooms with cables up the stairs to the desk How decent of the man, who's energy I liked right away: We had a loose plan, contain the fiddler to the kitchen we cry, up up and away A few tweaks here and a few tweaks there and soon we had our 3rd tune down By 4pm we had nine I knew I trusted the good doctor, he was nailing it, great ears and intuition All we had to do was play 10 outta 10 And then there was the mixing, beautifully executed, sensitive and sharp It's all to easy When working with Dr Barna B! Much love and light Martin G Stephenson x