Restoration. CD. Streaming.

Restoring old or damaged recordings

If you have an old recording - or even a new one - marred by extraneous noises such as clicks, squeaks, coughs and the like, feel free to contact and see if I can help. 

Or maybe you want a recording improved, or a mono recording rendered into a pleasing stereo. Or all of the above!

I can accept digital files of course, but also old cassette tapes, and mono reel-to-reel tapes (depending on their original recording tape speed).  

An example of an extensive restoration and mix job (a commercially available CD) is found under More/Four Chorister Brothers on this website.

CD Authoring

The preparation of an EP or CD for replication by a professional audio CD replication house is defined according the Red Book standard. This involves ordering the tracks, arranging the intervals between songs, ensuring correct bit-rate and sample rate, and entering metadata such as the EAN/UPC code, track titles, performers, composers, ISRC codes, and ensuring CD text reads correctly. The output is commonly a computer file called DDP which wraps it all up and is sent to the replication house. 

If you want all that done for you do contact and discuss. 

Authoring for iTunes and other streaming services

The preparation of a song, EP or Album for iTunes and other streaming services is different  to CD production. 

Streaming is now the most important destination format for songs, requiring care to deliver the highest possible quality of destination file. It is particularly important to appreciate that streaming services now loudness normalise songs, so we will discuss the implications of that for your music.