Mobile Recording

...of a live band playing all together

Mobile service currently suspended while equipment is re-configured towards the new studio. June 2020

Setting Up
  • To record your band or group at your location, I bring a large amount of equipment centered on a bespoke 16-channel computer-based recording rig that incorporates a high-end Focusrite interface.

  • The band sets up in the usual way using all their usual equipment. My system does not interfere with your rig and I am not dependant on your mixing desk for my signals. 

  • I take vocals from transformer-isolated splitter-boxes inserted into your microphone lead. 

  • Guitars are  mic'd up with a close-placed microphone near the grill of the speaker. If available I may also take a direct out (DI) from the back of your amp. 

  • Bass guitars are taken as a DI from the amp sometimes with a cab mic as well.

  • Multiple microphones, (anything from 4 to 8) are set up on the drums using close mics, and also overheads. 

  • Keyboards are recorded via a splitting transformer-isolating DI box, and if you output in stereo I only take the left output.

  • Room mics for ambience may be used depending on the acoustics of the venue.

  • While the band sets up, I also set up, but it will take me a bit longer than you!

  • Can all this be abbreviated? Not really! It's possible to put just a stereo mic array in front of the band, but the result isn't something you will be really happy with, and it gives me very little to mix with. 

Ready to Record
  • After set up, I will record the band for a few minutes.  I then check every source is faithfully recorded as when recording proper starts we don't want technical distractions.

  • A session of 4 hours will allow 4 songs of average length to be tracked so long as the band is well rehearsed. Songs will be recorded 3-4 times all through, the band playing together as usual. 

  • It is important for the band to decide their songs in advance and be well rehearsed. 

Next Steps
  • Some time is needed for me to back up all audio files before I leave the venue, and pack away the large amount of kit. It will take me longer to pack away than the band, please allow venue time for this.

  • I will transfer the audio to my studio for all the mixing. Typically 8-10 hours is required per song,and after each song is done I will place the mix in an online DropBox Folder set up for your access. 

  • Following any comments, I will finalise the mix and move on to the next song.

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